John Aalberg.png

Olympian; Designer and Operator of Large Sport Venues

President, Arundell Solutions INC.

Partner at Galloway Botteselle & Company

David bromley.png

Engineer; Expert in Industrial Water Treatment

Outdoorsman; Outward Bound Program Developer

Outdoorsman; Senior Policy Advisor, Sportand Recreation Management

Athlete; Medical Doctor; Neurologist; Professor

International Sports Marketing Executive

Medical Doctor; Pediatric Rheumatologist; Expert in Pediatric Sport & Exercise Medicine

Social Enterprise Incubator; Youth Educator

Pharmacist; Health Advocate; Global Citizen

Project Manager; Outdoorsman; Diplomat; International Businessman; Entrepreneur

International Coach; National Sport Organization Leader; Health and Fitness Consultant

Owner, Mahony & Sons; Community Activist

Coach; Athlete; Running Room Manager; Event Manager

Public Health Nurse; Program Manager; Event Manager; Mother of an Olympic Gold Medallist

Norbert Meier.png

Event Manager; Athlete; Leadership Trainer; Environmental Officer

Norwegian National Cross Country Ski Leader; Competitive Skier; Outdoorsman

Former Director of Forestry for the District of Mission Community Forest

Real Estate Developer; Director Civil Engineering and Land Use Planning

Olympian; National Sport Leader; health advocate; Order of Canada recipient

Dean of Academic Affairs at Hanson College

Project Manager; Sports Medicine Event Planner; Athlete

Darren Warburton.png

Professor of Physical Activity Promotion; Researcher; Indigenous Leader

Nationally Renowned Media Personality; Leading Communicator; Strategist

Athlete; Student; Linguist

Athlete; Student; Health and Fitness Club Founder; Linguist

Student; Humanitarian; Linguist

Professor at Canadian and Chinese Universities; Expert in Wellbeing; Ecology; and Wellbeing in Indigenous Communities