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What's Missing?

John Weston wrote the following poem on June 30, 2019, on his “solo” time during an Outward Bound trip in the Northern Cascade Mountains of BC. The trip highlighted Weston’s awareness of the critical role of Nature in physical, mental, and spiritual health. Alone on a rock on Mount Davis, he opened a journal book that Outward Bound had given him at the start of the journey, to find a page had been ripped out. Suffused in nature’s beauty, the three-day hike in the wilderness featured complete disconnection from the phone and email world.


A page was missing from my book,

I noticed as I went my way.

There was no glade or babbling brook;

Many meetings marked my day.

A step was absent from my stride,

As key into ignition went.

Somehow the mountains chose to hide

Behind the emails others sent.

A voice was absent from my choir;

My earbuds did not hear it sing;

Instead of birds that beckoned me,

My ears picked up the iPhone’s ring.

Some absent trees expressed a smile;

They beckoned but my eyes were blind.

I chose not to walk that extra mile,

And Nature grieved my soul and mind.

#poem #mountain #mountdavis #health #spiritual

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