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National Health and Fitness - A Cause Greater Than Ourselves

As we approach year end and Christmas, my wife Donna just invited me to “hold on for deer life”. In addition to such seasonal frivolity, special feelings invade our culture, families, friendships, and associations. You may have observed with me a distinct longing to serve causes greater than ourselves

I received an early Christmas gift this year - an invitation to address a group of people who are mourning someone they’ve lost. The occasion was the 27th Annual Honour a Life celebration, hosted by compassionate people in the world of palliative care. I was greatly impressed by persons who model how to serve causes greater than ourselves. My remarks are here, widely different from other things that I normally write.


In terms of serving causes greater than ourselves, Donna and I have devoted ourselves to the launch of the National Health and Fitness Institute, a project bigger than any we’ve ever tackled. The Vision is to “Make Canada the Fittest Nation on Earth by 2030”, a Vision which grew out of work I did on Parliament Hill. An impressive array of Directors and Advisors have rallied around an attempt to reverse the waves of sedentary behaviour, overweightness, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and mental illness. Click on the link if you’d like to learn more about the Institute, watch our Celebrity Videos, or participate in fundraising efforts. If you donate by December 31st, you’ll receive a receipt for 2019 tax year purposes. 

I wish you a thoughtful and inspiring Christmas and Hanukkah Season and a great year of “2020 Vision” to follow. 

With best regards, 

John Weston 

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