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Institute Update / Seeking Your Help / A Canada Day Commitment

Dear NHFI Friend,

While our hardworking Board members have been very busy during the pandemic to “Make Canada the Fittest Nation on Earth by 2030”, COVID has taught us the paramount importance of health and fitness.  Each day we’re on track to impact fellow Canadians positively.  Physical, mental, and spiritual health strengthen our immune systems.  They make us better able to contribute to our families and community.

Our news is summarized on our site.  Please go there to learn about the Governor General’s role; our 33 devoted Board members, who have together invested over 4,200 hours of volunteer time; our newly released Design Deck; our Healthy Selfie Crowdsource Challenge; and other recent news.

If you’ve already contributed time or funds, thank you!  Our ambitious plans require continued funding, and we need your help.  Here’s how to donate.  You’ll receive a tax receipt for 100% of your donation.

On Canada Day, we’ll celebrate our Board’s decision to rebrand as the Canadian Health and Fitness Institute / Institut canadien de la Santé et de l’Activité physique.  Our site will on July 1st migrate to its new address: CHFI.FIT

I’ll mark Canada Day by biking from Vancouver to Whistler, and will be donating a dollar for every one of those 122 beautiful kilometers.  If you can’t ride with me, come donate with me! 

You can also help by contributing auction items now, that will be presented for on-line bidding prior to our October 1st Celebrity Gala.  Auction items can be time at your vacation home, a restaurant credit, a meeting with a celebrity, a piece of art, sports equipment, or your favourite bottle of wine.  Please use your imagination and contribute something to the success of our Gala.  Contact Ms. Yun Kang to donate your items:; 778-681-3432.

We will “Make Canada the Fittest Nation on Earth by 2030”. 

Please join us for the joyful ride!

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