Get Out The Door

February 28, 2020

“Get out the door,” Scott Rintoul just told me, one of Canada’s top sports radio broadcasters. This was not said in anger or impatience. The Voice of Sport had just framed what we’re doing at the National Health and Fitness Institute in the way great communicators do.

“Get out the door” is essentially the advice of Governor General Julie Payette, who just this month accepted our invitation to become the Institute’s Viceregal Patron, adding to our impressive array of Directors and Advisors. The Concept Video, Celebrity Videos (see “Wall of Fame” on our Home Page), Brochure, and other features on our Website spell out how we’re committed to help solve Canada’s epidemic of inactivity. Governor General Payette’s New Year’s Message to Canadians, like her life, is a call to physical, mental, and spiritual health.

To celebrate this message - and have some good fun, please come to our Institute’s Inaugural Celebrity Gala Fundraiser in Vancouver April 30. We’ve lined up a cool panel to speak on the role of health and fitness in their lives: Jay DeMerit, ex-Whitecaps Captain, John Stanton, Running Room Founder, Lynn Kanuka, the Olympic Runner Medalist who ran against Zola Budd and Mary Decker, Ken Read, the “Crazy Canuck” Olympic Skier, and well-known radio sports personality Scott Rintoul. We’ll be presenting Dr. Jack Taunton the Institute’s Lifetime Achievement Award.

Not only will the Gala be fun, but you’re supporting a critical cause, to “Make Canada the Fittest Nation on Earth by 2030.” Why important? Because we have to reverse the corrosive epidemic of inactivity that is afflicting a generation of young people with obesity and all of its consequences: cardiovascular disease, diabetes, mental illness, and skyrocketing health care costs. Meanwhile, we and our parents are living longer but are we expecting value from the extra years? We ought to count life not by heart beats but by heart throbs.

So that’s why we’ve launched the Institute, to inspire Active Citizenship to enhance the physical, mental, and spiritual health of all Canadians. We aim to be a world-leading, evidence-based, sustainable innovation engine that enables the transformation of Canada into the healthiest and fittest nation on earth.

1. Buy a ticket to the Gala for yourself or a friend. The Gala will be at Mahony & Sons, in the Vancouver Convention Centre, 36 - 1055 Canada Place, starting at 6:30pm PT on Thursday, April 30, 2020.

2. Become a corporate sponsor - let me know if you’re interested

3. Donate a silent auction item - our silent auction will be on-line, commence two weeks prior to the Gala, and include gifts useable all over this great country. Silent auction items could be tickets to a sporting event; time at a winter or summer retreat; a meal with a cool mentor or celebrity; art; wine; or coaching. Be creative - but be involved. Ms. Yun Kang is coordinating these (

4. Donate to the cause. Contributions are 100% tax-deductible.

5. Get the word out! Forward this letter to your friends or at least tell them about our project and send them to our site:

6. Follow us on social media - the links are below.

Thank you for your interest in helping us “Make Canada the Fittest Nation on Earth by 2030.”

With best regards,

John Weston, Founder





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