Dean of Academic Affairs at Hanson College

Peter has 40 years of leadership experience in building baccalaureate and graduate-level curricula in Exercise and Wellness, Sport, Exercise and Physical Education and research projects coordination in Canada, United States, Australia and the Czech Republic.

Peter has 20+ years of teaching experience extends from being a K-12 teacher in BC north to be a Chair of PhD research at doctoral programs in Pedagogy in US undergraduate and graduate university system. He is recognised internationally for his work in exercise adoption/adherence and exercise prescription, behavioural change and exercise epidemiology.

He has received tenure and associate professor status in the US, Australia and the Czech Republic and Graduate Faculty rank in the US, Australia, Canada and the Czech Republic Is a founding member of the Health Enhancement Program (teacher preparation) in the US and has coordinated Health. His enhancement implementation efforts in Montana and other states for seven years. He has also published and conducted over 100 articles and seminars in the US, Canada, Europe and Australia focusing on pedagogy, wellness, exercise and diet.

He delivers health and wellness seminars to international government and corporate organisations including Pepsico and Nike, and has delivered a keynote address at the Tasmanian, New South Wales and South Australia States Symposia on Childhood Obesity featuring John Howard and senior members of the Cabinet.

He is a member of the American College of Sports Medicine, American Medical Fitness Association, Canadian Society of Exercise Physiologists, Australian Medical Association and Canadian College of Health Leaders. Peter is very committed to enhancing physical activity internationally by education, research and personal example (successfully competed/completed in excess of 100 ski marathons, 25 running marathons, over 100 Olympic Distance Triathlons and seven Ironman International Triathlons).