Co-Founder of Cadence Charity Services

Mikael Bingham is a charity sector expert and the co-founder of Cadence Charity Services, a small firm focused exclusively on servicing the benevolent sector by providing exceptional compliance and advisory services to charities, non-profits, donors and do-gooders of every sort. Mikael’s experience in the benevolent sector includes 8 years with the Benefic group working under Blake Bromley and Leslie Brandlmayr, multiple board positions, and decades of voluntary work with a number of local charities. Mikael is also the founder of Home by Midnight Productions Society, a small Vancouver-based non-profit that hosts social events for early-risers. Mikael’s favourite way to stay fit is by dancing; in fact, Home by Midnight was created in part so that Mikael and her friends could get their heart rates up, dancing to their favourite songs. She is an avid reader, a proud mother and a keen collector of vintage scarves.