Architect; Visionary; Design Professional; 
Design Manager

Jaiveer Singh Bawa (“Jai”)  demonstrated a variety of his professional skills at an early stage of this project, participating in early-stage consultations and designing our logo.

Jai is a visionary and an experienced Design Professional, Design Manager and Project Manager with a solid background in the Architecture, Sustainability and the Construction Industry. He has experience in delivering large, complex projects from conception to construction completion in various parts of the globe, including India, Singapore and Canada.

He is employed at Architecture49.Inc, a national leader in the integrated design and delivery of some of Canada’s most important buildings and environments, in various sectors, including Hospitality, Health Care, Sports and Recreation, and Education. One of A49’s signature projects in which Jai is heavily involved, is the restoration and rehabilitation of Canada’s Parliament Buildings. We chose Jai and his colleagues in part due to their commitment to create buildings that are sustainable, resource-conscious spaces. Apart from having designed and delivered exemplary architecture across Canada, Jai, A49’s Managing Partner - Scott Stirton, and their colleagues are green advocates and LEED® professionals who have demonstrated their commitment to protect and preserve Canada’s environment and heritage.