Serial Entrepreneur and Technology Executive

Inga Zane is an accomplished entrepreneur and technology executive with over 30 years of experience innovating and growing businesses.

A creative thinker, her passion lies in leveraging leading-edge technologies to help businesses connect, understand, and engage with customers. Her work has enabled a range of companies from bespoke small businesses to international giants such as Walmart to strategically expand their reach through customer insights and targeted marketing programs.

Leveraging her honed entrepreneurial skills, Inga has also been instrumental in growing multiple companies to successful exits including GIGA Information Group and Wishpond Technologies. Demonstrating flexibility under pressure, she most recently pivoted her expertise to Catalocity Group where she helped expedite pandemic response technology solutions. 

Passionate about the positive impact of physical movement on mental and physical well-being, Inga looks forward to bringing this expertise to reach, inspire and guide Canadians to become the fittest nation by 2030.

When she is not working on inspiring projects, she enjoys hiking, kayaking, and spending time in the B.C. outdoors with her family and friends.